your engagement ring

who doesn’t love a good love story? helping an individual or couple design their ring is not only an honor but a personal favorite perk of the job. we truly believe that your ring is not only a symbol of love but also something that should last a lifetime, not only on the day it is purchased.

whether sourcing your diamond (or stone of choice) or working with a stone you already have, we’ll work with you to design a ring that perfectly compliments you and your significant other.

looking for something vintage? always down for a treasure hunt, we are more than happy to go hunting for something antique and sparkly.

if you’re ready, tell us a bit about your special someone and the ring you’re envisioning >>> let’s get started!!

how to shop your forever piece

we pride ourselves on keeping this process low-key. this is a big decision- which we celebrate, that being said we let you set the tone. are you including your intended, keeping things old fashioned; or will you be designing the ring together? sometimes the recipient will help get things started and then their significant other puts on the finishing touches. either way we’re about making the process your own!


there is no “standard” budget. most often we get a reference of a “three months salary rule”, that’s antiquated. we work within any budget, never going over and always creating something beautiful. we also provide options, this you’ll see when working with us. spend what works for you!


some questions we’ll always ask- are they active? do they work with their hands a lot? are they rough on jewelry in general? the goal is to design a ring that is a both beautiful and functional. we want the ring to adapt to your partner’s life not for your partner to be concerned with losing or damaging it. let us guide you in the right direction with metal, stone, and setting choices. 


we offer a variety of wedding ring styles, everything from traditional and classic rings as well as what’s under the umbrella term ‘alternative bridal’. to help us
understand your partner’s aesthetic, we ask that you email us pictures of them and perhaps the jewelry that they enjoy.

stones + metals.

are you incorporating a stone? will you be using a diamond? diamonds can be white, grey, champagne. how about a gemstone? any idea on metal? these are all questions we can help answer in respect to lifestyle and aesthetic as some stone and metal choices are better for certain conditions.

any questions just ask!