march 31. 2015

“the relationship that almost wasn’t. arielle from boston and ryan from la; both landed in chicago for work. after working together for a year and countless carpools later, they decided to give dating a shot. neither wanted to jeopardize their careers, but after a long night sitting in the car talking, the relationship was cemented. two and half inseparable years later, ryan dropped to his knee atop snowmass mountain in aspen, co. a fitting proposal for arielle, who has been skiing since she was two. she now shares the slopes with ryan.”

honored to be a part of your story. happy engagement to one of my oldest best friends and the guy i knew who was perfect for her from the start!! love you both!
xo talulah.cooper

February 2, 2015

“lizzie: we met at a tapas bar over far too many pitchers of sangria in this little place in nyc. he asked me out on our first official date that night.”

“jake: she’s right about the sangria, however i didn’t ask her out until early the next morning…”

“lizzie: and yet he doesn’t believe in love at first sight.”

“jake: i do however believe in chemistry”

lizzie stumbled upon talulah.cooper on a trip visiting her friend at brown and told jake about the perfect ring. jake snuck away and bought the ring the next time they were in town. he proposed in bed early one morning three years after they had initially woken up together.

cheers to chemistry!

xo talulah.cooper